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Telmar Communication System Ltd. - - (referred to as "telerehber" hereafter) undertakes to pay respect to the privacy of its visitors and registered members.

This privacy statement indicates how we will use your private information when you sign in or register our site. Should you notice any implementation contrary to these privacy principles, please notify to the following address:

Telmar Communication Services A.Ş.
Address: Topkapı Ticaret Merkezi 2 (TTM 2) No:163 Cevizlibağ
Topkapı - Istanbul - Turkey
Tel: +90 - 212 - 222 72 00
Fax: +90 - 212 - 222 72 03

- Telerehber is a company directory site. Disclosure of all the information companies fill in during registration in Telerehber are already accepted as open to all the visitors. Telerehber does not guarantee the accuracy of this information. All information are given and filled by the companies.

- Telerehber shall decide which information to disclose or not from the information given by the companies. No company or product description against Turkish Commercial Laws or offensive for other brands and users may be featured.

<- No company’s information and record other than those required while filling in the registration form or those member companies provide themselves are stored in Telerehber.

- User name, member accounts and information entered only upon password belong only to the user and can be accessed to only through user name and password.

- Members may at any time update their information or fill in a form to demand erasing of their information.

- Any company which registers in Telerehber, agrees to the public disclosure of the information provided in the registration form (business information such as company title, address, phone- fax, company, product or services) and also agrees that all users and visitors may contact (products-demands) the company through the e-mail address provided. The companies already register in Telerehber and give their company information so that they establish business connections with other visitors and users.

- The first information we have when you visit any page of Telerehber site is the IP address and domain name of your connection perceived automatically by our servers. This is certainly not an action disclosing the private information of the visitor but only aims at compiling statistical information as to the number of individual users connected to our site each day and how many pages are visited.

- The privacy of our visitors and our registered members are protected under international laws and rules.

- Telerehber is not responsible for the content of websites accessed through the links given in Telerehber to other sites.

- Your special and private information (credit cart information, vs.) shall not be required, received or stored in Telerehber membership forms or in the site.

- Should Telerehber assets change hands partially or in whole, Telerehber has the right to transfer the information at hand provided that it is used under the rules above.

It is considered that any user or visitor visiting this Website and using various services in our site agrees to the compilation and use of their information in the way stated above.

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