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      Category : Laser Epilation Center

    How does it work
    The 808nm diode laser effectively penetrates deep into dermis and is absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicles. The laser energy transforms to thermal energy, which damages the hair follicle without damaging the surrounding tissue to achieve effective hair removal.

    Technology advantages
    1. Permanent and pain-free hair removal
    2. German origin chips
    3. Diode laser of a wavelength of 808nm. It can penetrate into the skin more deeper and safer.
    4. Adjustable and wide range of repetition rate and pulse width can apply to variable conditions.
    5. High energy influence up to 120J/cm2 or even higher up to 150 J/cm2.
    6. TEC+Sapphire Cooling Contact System ensure pain-free and comfortable treatment experience.
    7. Patented beam shaping technology
    8. Big spot size of 10×16 mm make fast treatment process.
    9. Simple and easy user control interface with LCD touch screen
    10. Self-checking and auto-protection mechanism to ensure the stability and safe operation.
    11. 20,000,000 shots of handle piece enable long time use
    12. Applicable to all skin types

    Wavelength: 808nm (940nm optional)
    Repetition rate: 1Hz~20Hz
    Pulse width: 25ms~950ms
    Power density: 0~120J/cm2 (up to 150 J/cm2 optional)
    Beam type: collimated beam type
    Laser window: 10×16mm
    Skin cooling: TEC+Sapphire (-5~5℃)
    Laser cooling liquid: 3.0~3.5 L, purified water or distilled water
    LCD screen: 8″ touch LCD
    Pedal switch: support
    Input VAC: 220VAC/50~60Hz (110 VAC optional)
    Dimension: 40×50×90cm
    Weight: 40kg

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      Contact Information
      37 Fuwaidajie Street, Xicheng District, Beijing China   100037   Beijing  / China
    Tel : 86-10-52421297    Fax : 86-10-88358065       

    Url :
    E-mail :
    Contact Person : Ada   CHEN   / 

Last Update: 26.11.2012
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