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 Plastik Ambalaj

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      E-Katalog Ürün ve Servisler
      Kategori : Plastik Ambalaj

    The 30ml Dropper Bottle is made of black glass material, it is black color originally from the bottom to the mouth. No need painting, and then you can get a black bottle. It is more favorable price and shorter production time than painting bottle. Glass is environmental friendly, non-toxic, safe and healthy, it is a safe container for your cosmetic products. The per(18/415 finish) has a black rubber top and gold color collar adn glass pipette, help to control each liquid , fitting well on the bottle (18/415 finish).

    Oil Dropper Bottle is one of the top oil dispenser on the market today. For starters, it is a very inexpensive product and the most affordable way to get the volume of oil that you need at a price that you can afford. It has a spill proof lid with a rubber top. This is extremely durable. It also has a dual action pump system that allows you to adjust the temperature so that your dispenser runs more consistently.

    Amber Dropper Bottles is bottles of amber colored liquids that have been filtered and distilled in the process of filtration. Amber Dropper Bottles is used for different purposes by different people, and therefore they are available in various shapes, designs and colors that can be a little bit confusing to find the right kind of bottle for you. Some bottles are designed to be used for drinking and others are used for other purposes like for industrial applications, food and pharmaceutical applications etc. Amber per bottle has to be well manufactured in order to provide quality services to the consumers who are looking for them. So if you want to buy it in order to use it for your own use, you should always opt for an authentic product, which is guaranteed by a good manufacturer and is durable and reliable.
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      guangdong   13322   guangdong  / Çin
    Tel : 020-86371031    Fax : 020-86371031       

    Url : https://www.penghuangbottle.com/
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    Ilgili : penghuang23   penghuang23   /  guangdong

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