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 Hydraulic & Press

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      Category : Hydraulic & Press

    Model 20inch-sch80 Date 2nd Sep Term of validity 80days Lead time 60 Days
    Size L*W*H m 12-2.2 -1.5 Weight About 28T Working scope Can make OD. 10-20inch elbow with the max wall thickness 27mm .
    (CIF) 59,400USD
    Mensin Port
    The Main Technical Parameters of The Machine
    1 The oil cylinder:ID 360mm, the rod:Ф260mm ,the effective trip: 5m, pressure:21Mpa,2 bars
    The maximum thrust of the 2 cylinders:420 tons; The working speed: 0—100cm/min ,
    The max backward speed: 380cm/min.
    2 The pump station:
    63scy-plunger pump :1 set, 18.5KW Motor:  2sets (the main working pump)
    PV2R114-19-153 double leaves pump 1 set,15kw motor 1 set.
    The hydraulic valve is integrated oil rout, hydraulic back fork gate. Automatic feeding. automatically loaded and the heating coils has an adjustable shelf (height and width)
    3. The frame for the machine body: 30# channel steel, welded with 43kg steel rail
    4 The panel for the main engine: welded with 30-50mm medium plate
    5 Distribution cabinets, operation box 1 set
    6 Intermediate-frequency power (power 600KW 380v、220v、50Hz)
    7 Closed water cooling tower: cooling power 100kw
    The scope of supply
    A. frame for the main engine: 1 piece, hydraulic pump station: 1 set, main cylinders 2 pieces,
    front and back fork door: 6 blocks each .
    B.distribution box 1set, Controling ark 1 set.
    C. Loading shelf: 1
    D Shelf for the heating coils
    E. other small cylinders 2 pieces
    F Intermediate-frequency electric ark:1 piece, reactor, capacitor: 1 set,
    G water cable 500m㎡: 2 (L=2500mm)
    H Ф10inch- Ф20inch induction heating coil:2pieces for each size.
    I 100Kw closed water cooling tower 1 set.
    J The equipment foundation drawing, hydraulic principle drawing, electrical diagram, machical drawing, manual operating instruction
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      Chengdong Developing Zone,East to Yanshantown,Cangzhou City,Hebei Province,China   061300   Cangzhou   / China
    Tel : +86-317-6193236    Fax : +86-317-6193226       

    Url :
    E-mail :
    Contact Person : Empon Shing   Empon   / 

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