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      Category : Consultancy Services

    Ⅰ Deliga Company Profile:
    We are Deliga Consulting comes from Guangzhou city , China with more than 8 years expereince . Our office building Located in the FAMOUS Taojin AND Xiaobei Area , mainly provide the Chinese Visa , Company License , Driving License , Tax and Accounting , Resident Permit , All kinds of Business Consulting Service for International Businessmen . Just feel free to send one Email and start your real business in China by Deliga .

    Ⅱ Product /Service name:
    Chinese Company Monthly Bookeeping and Accounting Service

    Ⅲ Conditions to be confirmed:
    Foreign investors
    Registered capital
    Business scope
    Registered office address
    Company stuff: Legal person, director, manager, supervisor occupation

    Ⅳ Documents required from Customer:
    1) Preparation for the account return
    The company should prepare for the account DADA once it carries out business and divide all the bills into sale, cost and expenditure. The Hong Kong government acknowledges all the invoice (which can be made by you), receipt and note signed and sealed by the company.
    2) ETS assignment
    3) bank statement & bank details;
    4) Sales bill: invoice and contract;
    5) Cost bill: invoice and contract;
    6) Expenditure bill: salary, freight and rent(The lease or agreement is required) etc.;
    7) The other relevant document: two copies of Article of Association, annual return form, all the alteration documents(if have), fixed assets bill and investment document.

    Ⅴ Service Duration:
    Monthly working days

    Ⅵ Service Guidance :
    Fill in the application form →
    Sign the assignment →
    Payment Done→
    Tax Department Check-in→
    Tax Declarance on-line→
    Monthly Bookeeping →
    Beneral Tax bookeeping→
    Service Done in the end of Service year

    Ⅶ Documents to Handover After Service:
    Monthly Accounting book
    General Accounting book
    Other Accounting Sheets ,etc

    Ⅷ Upcoming Service :
    Annual Return
    Resident Permit
    Website Construction,etc

    Ⅸ Contact Us :
    Ms. Lynn.Lin
    Add: Rm1218,12th floor , JinYing Building , No.316 Huan Shi Zhong Road, Guangzhou
    Mob : 13710832826 , Tel/Fax: 8620-83801313, Skype:linzie1309 , QQ:2851659735
    Email :

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      Contact Information
      Rm1218,12th floor , JinYing Building , No.316 Huan Shi Zhong Road, Guangzhou , China   0086     / China
    Tel : +86 13710832826    Fax :        

    Url :
    E-mail :
    Contact Person : lynn   lin   /  marketing & consultant

Last Update: 09.02.2015
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