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    boron trichloride/BCl3

    Application:a starting material for boron,refining industry,soldering flux for a ...
    Foshan Huate Gases Co.,Ltd

    sulfur dioxide/SO2/sulfurous anhydride
    99.9% Sulphur Dioxide with very competitive price.
    Packaging Details: 30kg, 50kg, 1000kg, 2 ...
    Foshan Huate Gases Co.,Ltd

    Excimer laser gas
    We have the Fluorine mixture gas with different ingredients for each kind of machine. ...
    Foshan Huate Gases Co.,Ltd

    sulfur hexafluoride/SF6/Elagas/Esaflon/Sulfuric fluoride
    Application:dielectrical medium, medical use, tracer compound,in ...
    Foshan Huate Gases Co.,Ltd

    Purity:99.6%~ 99.9999%
    Fertilizer, precursor to nitrogen compounds,clean ...
    Foshan Huate Gases Co.,Ltd

    tetrafluoromethane/CF4/carbon tetrafluoride
    Halocarbon 14/R14
    Application: It's used as a refrigerant sometimes.It is u ...
    Foshan Huate Gases Co.,Ltd

    methane/CH4/natural gas
    99.9%-99.999% methane
    Grade standard:Industrial Grade, Food Grade, Medicine Grade, Agricu ...
    Foshan Huate Gases Co.,Ltd

    We produce high purity ethane to meet your strict demands. The competitive price will draw your att ...
    Foshan Huate Gases Co.,Ltd

    99.9999%(6N)high purity grade hydrogen, competitive price and quick delivery to make our custo ...
    Foshan Huate Gases Co.,Ltd

    carbon monoxide /cabon oxide/CO
    We offer 99.5%~99.99% carbon monoxide with competititve price. The high purity grade ...
    Foshan Huate Gases Co.,Ltd

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